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Our Products Range

Our Products Range
We offer two products for the healthcare industry keeping in mind the current situations.
Sunbeam Handloom proudly introduces it's product ranges: SafeWear and vSafe.

SafeWearTM caters to all the regular linen needs of Hospitals. This range includes all linen items such as staff unfiorm, bedding linens, doctor uniforms and scrubs, OT Linen, Surgeon Dress etc. SafeWearTM makes sure that our healthcare heroes are provided with the best quality products and services.

vSafe is the new product range introduced by Sunbeam Handloom. vSafe Linen products actively inhibit viruses and kill them upon contact, helping to minimize the potential risk for re-transmission of pathogens through clothing. The technology has been designed so that it stays active on the treated fabric for up to 100 gentle washes. vSafe offers Medical Linen Items with Antiviral, Antibacterial as well as Antifungal properties. vSafe is thus an initiative to provide an additional protective layer, with the quality and trust already offered by Sunbeam Handloom, to our healthcare heroes who are actively working for the service of others.